Plasma Technology


Workshop on dry processing

for Nanoelectronics and Micromechanics:
deposition and etching

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology and
RWTH Aachen





Wednesday, 20. Sep 2017

Thursday 21. Sep 2017

09.15 h 10.00 h
Welcome Coffee and Registration

10.00 h 10.45 h
Dry Etching for MEMS applications
Mark McNie - Oxford

10.45 h 11.30 h
Tuning materials properties in plasma ALD by substrate biasing
Dr Harm Knoops - Oxford

11:30 - 11:45
coffee break

11.45 h 12.15 h
Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) of GaN and 2d materials
Dr Mike Cooke - Oxford

12.15 h 12.45 h
Optimising SiC Etching for via holes and feature
Dr Andrew Newton - Oxford

12.45 h 14.15 h Lunch break

14.15 h 14.45 h
Oxy-Nitrides and Metal (Al, Cu, Mo) deposition by Magnetron Sputtering
Dr Pauline Alvarez - Oxford

14.45 h 15.15 h
Review of InP etch processes
incl End Point Detection and Plasma Clean Processes
Dr Ligang Deng - Oxford

15.15 h 15.30 h
Gap filling strategies using PECVD and ICP PECVD
Dr Owain Thomas - Oxford

15.30 h 15.45
ALD and CVD Deposited Multigate Structures for the
Realization of Electrostatically Tuneable Devices
Thomas Grap - RWTH Aachen

15.45 h 16.15 h
GaN low damage etch by ICP RIE and ALE
Dr Andrew Newton - Oxford

16.15 h 16.45 h
ALD on Graphene
Dr Neumaier - AMO Aachen

16.45 h 17.00 h
Diamond Etching applications and challenges
Dr Andrew Newton - Oxford

17.00 h 18.30 h
- Coffee Break
- Lab Tour


09.00 h 09.30 h
Ion Beam Deposition of SiO2, Ta2O5, TiO2 and VO2
Dr Pauline Alvarez - Oxford

09.30 h 10.00 h
In-Situ Optical Monitoring for High Precision Optical Coatings
Dr Simon Hicks - Intellemetrics

10.00 h 10.45 h
2D materials and heterostructures device fabrication techniques:
CVD, PECVD, ALD, Sputtering, RIE, ALE
Dr Ravi Sundaram - Oxford

10.45 h 11.15 h
Review of GaAs and GaP etch processes
incl End Point Detection and Plasma Clean Processes
Dr Ligang Deng - Oxford

11.15 h 11.30 h
coffee break

11:30 - 11:45
Efficient Plasma Cleaning for PECVD
Dr Owain Thomas - Oxford

11.45 h - 12.30 h
Atomic layer deposition for perovskite solar cells:
research status, opportunities and challenges
Adriana Creatore - TU Eindhoven

12.30 h 13.45 h Lunch break

13.45 h - 14.00 h
Cryo- and Bosch-DRIE Processes for Demanding
Top-down Approaches in MEMS Fabrication
Stefan Scholz - RWTH Aachen

14.00 h 14.30 h
Materials processing in biomedical applications :
PECVD, etching and ALD
Dr Ravi Sundaram - Oxford

14.30 h 15.00 h
RIE for Silicon Photonics
Dr Wahlbrink - AMO Aachen

15.00 h 15.30 h
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry consideration for in-situ applications
Thomas Wagner - LOT/ Woollam

15.30 h 15.45 h Coffee break

15.45 - 16:15
in situ diagnosis and end point detection
Dr Mike Cooke - Oxford

16.15 - 16:45
Metal stack etching for magnetic tunnel junctions
Dr Andrew Newton - Oxford

16.45 h
Final Discussion


The cost will be Euro 240 to cover the catering and conference dinner.
OPT offers assistance with the travel organisation (press "contact").

For registration please download:
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