Plasma Technology  

Chalmers uses the two ion beam
systems of the 300 and 300 Plus
series for CAIBE processing.
The newer Ionfab 300 is equipped with
a vacuum loadlock, a RF source and
a filamentless PBN Neutraliser.

The photo shows the Ionfab 300 Plus ,
which has replaced the Ionfab 300.

with kind permission of:
  Chalmers University of Technology
  Dr M Hagberg / Dr N Eriksson
  Dr A Larsson

Ionfab 300 Plus

CAIBE/ RIBE technology

Laser CAIBE: InGaAs/ AlGaAs

laser interferometer trace


In-situ monitoring using a HeNe laser interferometer.

The upper figure shows the waveguide structure and the calculated reflectivity. The lower figure shows the detector signal during etching. The material is an InGaAs/AlGaAs laser structure with an etch-stop layer incorporated in the upper cladding layer and we have used Cl/BCl3-based RIBE etching.

SEM showing a 45° wall etched in InGaAs/ AlGaAs

InGaAs / AlGaAs
Grating Coupled Surface Emitting Semiconductor Laser

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