V100 MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy

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VG V 100 MBE system
for 4x4”, 5x3” or 12x2” wafer platens

Proven Process:

Thickness uniformity: < +/- 1%

AlxGa(1-x)As composition uniformity: < +/- 1% (of x)

Doping uniformity: < +/- 2.5%

Defects density (@ 0.9 mm) < 20/cm2


industry standard platform for production MBE
with >70% market share

Fully automated multi 4-inch wafer MBE reactor
with compact floor space

Extremely reliable production tool with proven real time
24 hour x 7 day operation at numerous customer sites

Best thickness uniformity (<+/- 1%) offered
by a multi 4-inch MBE reactor

Capable to handle 5x3” and 4x4” wafer platens

Ten (10) source ports for flexible configurations

Open bench style design of growth chamber for
easy access to source region and rapid egress

Optional demountable cryopanel for routine maintenance
(ideal for phosphorus recovery)

Growth chamber with external water-cooling
to minimize heat load

Dual Fast Entry Locks (FEL) for quick introduction and
retrieval of wafers from the system

Fully computer automated batch mode wafer operation
with minimal operator intervention

New source shutter with angled design to minimize
source materials drip back to furnaces

Magnetic couple shutter with no bellows – improve shutter reliability

Dual zone substrate heater design for optimal temperature uniformity

Standard outgassing stage in prep chamber with optional flash heating capability

Uni-axial sample transfer mechanism for maximum reliability and repeatability

Advanced Windows based MBE process control allow flexible recipe control

Additional ports in ellipsometry, atomic absorption
and other advanced in-situ monitoring techniques


Wide range of sources are available:
Patented ThermocellTM technology for Ga and In
High and Low Temperature Thermal effusion sources
Valved Cracker cells
GaP decomposition source for P2 generation
Injectors and control modules for Gaseous source materials
RF Plasma sources for atomic and radical generation

Proprietary Diffusion Pump technology equipped with LN2 cold trap (ideal for P handling and recovery and other high vapor pressure materials)




VG Thermocell

Mean time between process calibrations is maximised
through optimal flux versus material depletion characteristic

Best uniformity and lowest defect levels

ThermoCell is best available solution for group III

Full enclosure bakeout, cleanest system

Highest productivity